[lttng-dev] Creating session on 64-bit system using a 32-bit wrapper

Anand Neeli anand.neeli at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 09:44:14 EDT 2015

I have a wrapper app which is 32-bit which is similar to lttng binary, it
links to liblttng-ctl for creating lttng sessions (similar to lttng) . But
the session create is stuck with below logs.

To simulate this i have done following
1) On a 64-bit system replace /usr/bin/lttng with a 32-bit version of lttng
2) Spawn lttng-sessiond (sessiond is 64-bit, we have not changed it)
3) Now create lttng session using the 32-bit lttng binary using command
"lttng -vvv --no-sessiond create mysession --live 2000000 -U

After step 3, the console is stuck and doesn't return.

Can anyone please tell me why cant we use 32-bit lttng (or any other
wrapper) which can link to liblttng-ctl and launch sessions? is there any

Anand Neeli

root at fpc0:/usr/bin# lttng  -vvv --no-sessiond create mysession --live
2000000 -U net://
DEBUG1 - 13:16:49.240956 [840/840]: Session live timer interval set to
2000000 (in cmd_create() at commands/create.c:575)
DEBUG3 - 13:16:49.241199 [840/840]: URI string: net:// (in
uri_parse() at uri.c:293)
DEBUG2 - 13:16:49.241228 [840/840]: IP address resolved to (in
set_ip_address() at uri.c:134)
DEBUG3 - 13:16:49.241235 [840/840]: URI dtype: 1, proto: 1, host:, subdir: , ctrl: 0, data: 0 (in uri_parse() at uri.c:507)
DEBUG1 - 13:16:49.241380 [840/840]: LSM cmd type : 30 (in
send_session_msg() at lttng-ctl.c:133)
DEBUG1 - 13:16:49.241452 [830/833]: Wait for client response (in
thread_manage_clients() at main.c:4090)
DEBUG1 - 13:16:49.241498 [830/833]: Receiving data from client ... (in
thread_manage_clients() at main.c:4135)
DEBUG1 - 13:16:49.241753 [830/833]: Processing client command 30 (in
process_client_msg() at main.c:2813)
DEBUG1 - 13:16:49.241775 [830/833]: Waiting for 2 URIs from client ... (in
process_client_msg() at main.c:3740)
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