[lttng-dev] userspace-rcu-0.8.6 problems on MacOSX

Alexandre Montplaisir alexmonthy at voxpopuli.im
Tue Mar 17 15:12:11 EDT 2015

Thanks Mathieu! With all the latest fixes, liburcu master can now 
compile as-is on Mac.

On 2015-03-15 9:17 PM, Mathieu Desnoyers wrote:
>> However, by doing so those tests now hang on my Mac test system (whereas
>> before they would get skipped). Is it possible those tests don't even
>> work on Mac?
> Do they really hang, or just take a very long time to run ?
> Can you reproduce this easily ?

Quite reproducible, yes. I let 'make regtest' run for a couple hours, 
and it stuck at:

cd ../benchmark && ./runall.sh && cd ..
Executing batch RCU test
./test_urcu_gc 4 4 10 -d 0 -b 1

Running the last command by hand also hangs. It's using very little CPU 
in both cases.

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