[lttng-dev] userspace-rcu-0.8.6 problems on MacOSX

Alexandre Montplaisir alexmonthy at voxpopuli.im
Thu Mar 12 13:24:53 EDT 2015


Technically, liburcu is not supported on Mac, but if we can easily make 
it work, why not try!

I tried compiling it on an OS X system (Yosemite, autoconf/automake 
installed from Homebrew), but got many errors like this one:

In file included from wfcqueue.c:26:

./urcu/static/wfcqueue.h:260:22: error: passing 'struct __cds_wfcq_head *' to parameter of incompatible type 'cds_wfcq_head_ptr_t'

         if (_cds_wfcq_empty(head, tail))


./urcu/static/wfcqueue.h:132:56: note: passing argument to parameter 'u_head' here

static inline bool _cds_wfcq_empty(cds_wfcq_head_ptr_t u_head,


What steps did you use to make it compile?


On 2015-03-11 11:50 AM, Jim Reid wrote:
> Hi. There are some problems getting this to compile on MacOSX (10.9.5):
> 1) Many of the make regtest tests fail because the time command use command line arguments. eg:
> ...
> ./test_urcu_lgc 4 4 10 -d 2 -b 32768
> /usr/bin/time: illegal option -- a
> usage: time [-lp] command.
> ...
> 2) The generated Makefiles feed Linuxy linker arguments (-Wl,-rpath==) to the compiler.
> I kludged that by manually editing the Makefile(s) to just use -L././libs instead. Which would seem to be a better solution in general. YMMV.
> Could you please fix these for a future release? Thanks.

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