[lttng-dev] Regarding lttng enable-event using filter option

Venkata Kantimahanthi venkata.kantimahanthi at tcs.com
Tue Mar 10 06:50:30 EDT 2015

Hi ,

I haven't correctly formatted my previous mail. Actually I tried like that 
yet I see that trace logged . You have any idea ?
See, my requirement is that I have to filter the traces through message 
(data) written in the trace.
More over is there any filtering that can be done using bit values in a 
integer data supported in lttng ?

Thanks & Regards
Venkata Ranganadh Kantimahanthi

From:   Glen Keane <glenkeane.94 at gmail.com>
To:     Venkata Kantimahanthi <venkata.kantimahanthi at tcs.com>
Date:   03/10/2015 03:17 PM
Subject:        Re: [lttng-dev] Regarding lttng enable-event using filter 


I believe you have it wrong, with that filter, only the messages 
with strfield == "TRACE_UTS" will be logged.

Try strfield != "TRACE_UTS"

I use a filter to filter traces based on process using the pid, and so to 
filter trace processes by their pid, I use the following:
$ctx.vpid == XYZ, where XYZ is the pid of the process I want to trace. 

I hope this helps,
Glen Keane.

On Tue, Mar 10, 2015 at 5:28 AM, Venkata Kantimahanthi <
venkata.kantimahanthi at tcs.com> wrote:
Hi , 

I am trying to filter the following trace using lttng command but it was 
not filter out . Can any one help me? 

[1970-01-01 00:04:58.386338797] (+0.000003280) oamhost 
com_ericsson_trithread:TRACE_UTS: { cpu_id = 19 }, { sec = 333, usec = 
2222, process = "test111", fileAndLine = "demo_legacy.c:123", msg = "This 
is a TRACE_UTS from test3", _dataUts_length = 0, dataUts = [ ] } 
lttng enable-event -s sessionname -c ch1 -u -filter 'strfield =! 
"TRACE_UTS"' com_ericsson_tri* 

Event com_ericsson_tri*: Filter 'strfield == "TRACE_UTS"' successfully set 

So , If I have enabled above event with filter , the traces which have 
string field with TRACE_UTS as data should not be logged. This is as per 
my understanding. Is is correct ? 

Because the traces were not filtered.

Thanks & Regards
Venkata Ranganadh Kantimahanthi
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