[lttng-dev] A question about staring lttng-sessiond

zhenyu.ren zhenyu.ren at aliyun.com
Tue Dec 22 04:57:32 EST 2015

Hi,Dev-team  I always have a question about staring lttng-sessiond without option --daemonize: Why I left my console?I wrote a simple shell to start lttng-sessiond as the following:cat ./start#!/bin/shexport LTTNG_SESSION_CONFIG_XSD_PATH=./configexport LTTNG_CONSUMERD64_BIN=./lttng-consumerdexec ./lttng-sessiond --sig-parent -g admin[admin at rs1k04068 /home/admin/install]sudo sh ./start [zhenyu.ren at rs1k04068.et2sqa /home/zhenyu.ren]Note that user changed from admin to zhenyu.ren(zhenyu.ren sudo su admin previously). Where can I have a code fix to avoid logging out?
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