[lttng-dev] A strange problem encountered using urcu-based hash table

陈志文 zwchen at aimlab.org
Fri Dec 18 05:02:20 EST 2015

Hi, I'm a Ph.D from Hunan University of China. Recently, our group are
tending to analysis concurrent hash tables using different synchronization
mechanisms, urcu-based hashing is one of our targets. Today, we running an
urcu-based hash table with only ten percent update operations. We found its
CPU utilization is only 3% (while in a read-only workload, the CPU
utilization is 50%). Is there any writer performance limits for urcu? Or
why this happened in your eye?

There is our platform information: Intel SandyBridge EP with 2 sockets,
each sockets with 8 cores and 2 physical threads for each core. OS: Ubuntu
14.04 LTS.
Experimental configuration: 16 threads, ten percent of update operations
and 1 million initial elements in hash table.

We are looking forward for your reply.


aimlab zwchen
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