[lttng-dev] LTTng hourly/weekly/monthly tracing

Jeffrey Chen cpthk at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 10 19:55:16 EST 2015


I am using LTTng for tracing user-space application. Does LTTng support hourly/weekly/monthly rollover tracing? Some of the tracing libraries like log4j supports this, it will separate traces into different files for each hour/week/month depending on your setup. You could start to read the older traces while the user application is still running and writing traces. Does LTTng support this kind of feature? If not, what is the closest I could get? Ideally, I need to read the trace while the trace session is still running. It doesn't have to be real-time trace, could be couple hours old. I saw that LTTng has the snapshot mode, but it is still not exactly the same as the one I need, Snapshot mode could suffer from event lost, since it keeps overwriting old events. Thanks.

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