[lttng-dev] [RFC lttng-ust v3] Add memory size, build id, and debug link info to statedump and dl

Antoine Busque abusque at efficios.com
Fri Aug 14 17:49:31 EDT 2015

This patch set implements a minimal ELF parser to add extra
information necessary for callsite analysis to the statedump and dl
helper. Please pull from

Also included are unit tests covering x86, x86_64, armeb, and aarch_64

Changes from version 1:

- More uniform and thorough error handling (i.e. always return -1 on failure,
  0 on success)
- Make distinction between information not found in ELF file and
  actual errors (found status is returned through an out parameter on
  function success)
- Functions have no side-effects on failure
- Add more cases to the unit tests for better coverage
- Minor style issues

Changes from version 1:

- Fixed coding style issues
- More rigorous error handling
- Field reordering in tracepoints and structs for optimization

Antoine Busque

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