[lttng-dev] [BUG] lttng-sessiond

Hannes Weisbach hannes.weisbach at mailbox.tu-dresden.de
Sat Apr 25 10:37:17 EDT 2015

> Why do you need to load those explicitly ? They should be
> already loaded by default. I don't get those errors here.
> Which shell are you using (sh symlink) ? Can you reproduce
> using bash ?
Ok.  Found the bug.  In append_list_to_probes() index is used to get
the current index into the probes array.  However in the loop, index
is never incremented.  Therefore, the first entry of probes is
overwritten, but nr_probes is incremented, and later those "empty"
entries are referenced.

There is also a memory leak in append_list_to_probes():
tmp_list = strdup(list); // uses malloc()
next = strtok(tmp_list, ","); // tmp_list needs to be NULL except in the first iteration
tmp_list = NULL; // so set it NULL
free(tmp_list); // good intention, does not work.

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