[lttng-dev] [RELEASE] LTTng-Tools 2.6.0-rc1 - Gaia

David Goulet dgoulet at efficios.com
Mon Oct 20 13:26:54 EDT 2014

Greetings everyone (including LTTng bards!),

The lttng-tools project provides a session daemon (lttng-sessiond) that acts as
a tracing registry, the "lttng" command line for tracing control, a lttng-ctl
library for tracing control and a lttng-relayd for network streaming and live

This is the release candidate number 1 of version 2.6, code name: Gaia.

This features are listed below but here is a quick howto to use them. For the
MI feature, simply adds to the lttng command line the option "--mi xml". Only
XML is supported for now.

	lttng --mi xml version

Note that there are now new lines for parsing efficiency. You can find the XML
schema in "src/common/mi_lttng.xsd". Big thanks to Jonathan Rajotte for this
great feature that the lttng bash completion file has already started using it!

Also, Java log4j support has been added as a new domain (like JUL) that you can
use with the command line option -l, --log4j and with the API using

Finally, it's now possible to do per syscall tracing. You can get a full list
of the available syscalls on your system with "lttng list -k --syscall". To
enable a syscall, use its name like so:

	lttng enable-event -k --syscall connect

Note that it's not possible to choose the bitness of the syscall thus for
instance enabling "read" on a kernel supporting both 32 and 64 bit will enabled
both of them.

Of course, we fix a BUNCH of things that hopefully will make lttng tools more
stable and powerful :). Here is the ChangeLog entry for 2.6-rc1.

2014-10-20 lttng-tools 2.6.0-rc1 (Harry Belafonte records Banana Boat Song)
	* Machine Interface added to lttng command line (--mi)
	* Java Log4j agent support (--log4j)
	* Kernel per syscall tracing
	* Multiple fixes. A lot!

Please report ANY issues to bugs.lttng.org or on that mailing list.

Using it is testing it!

Project website: https://lttng.org
Download link:
GPG sig: https://lttng.org/files/lttng-tools/lttng-tools-2.6.0-rc1.tar.bz2.asc

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