[lttng-dev] compile lttng get gcc compile error

Gerlando Falauto gerlando.falauto at keymile.com
Wed May 14 10:52:49 EDT 2014

Hi loody,
[originally posted to gcc-help, cross-posting to lttng-dev]

On 03/27/2014 01:37 PM, loody wrote:
> hi Jonathan:
> 2014-03-27 18:43 GMT+08:00 Jonathan Wakely <jwakely.gcc at gmail.com>:
>> On 27 March 2014 10:32, loody wrote:
>>> hi all
>>> when I try to cross-compile lttng-tool for arm.
>>> I get below message
>>>    CC     kernel-consumer.lo
>>> kernel-consumer.c: In function 'lttng_kconsumer_snapshot_channel':
>>> kernel-consumer.c:324:1: internal compiler error: in gen_movsi, at
>>> config/arm/arm.md:5680
>>> my gcc version is 4.7.4
>> I think this is http://gcc.gnu.org/PR58595 which will be fixed in GCC 4.9.0
> is there any patch I can use to fix this issue before waiting 4.9.0 release?
> or is there method I can avoid this compile happen if I rewrite the source?
> thanks a lot,

Did you ever find a workaround for such an issue? Perhaps by refactoring 
the code within lttng_kconsumer_snapshot_channel()?

Thank you!

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