[lttng-dev] clerification on limiting the size of the trace file

Sadon, Mirit Mirit.Sadon at emc.com
Mon May 5 04:24:39 EDT 2014


I Am working with the lttng trace to see how it affects are program performance,
But if I don't limit the size of the trace file collected it fills all the space in the partition I specify.
What does it mean if I start the trace and limit the trace file to let say 1GB.
Would the trace stop after it reaches the limit or it will continue and override the previous collected points?

I tried by using this command when creating the channel but it didn't work.

lttng enable-channel perf --subbuf-size 262144 -C 262144 -W 32 --num-subbuf 32 -u"

We are working with lttng version 2.04.

Mirit Sadon

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