[lttng-dev] Merge two LTTng CTF traces into one

Michel Dagenais michel.dagenais at polymtl.ca
Mon Dec 22 08:07:40 EST 2014

Normally, the two traces are stored separately and they are "merged" at display time in TraceCompass. If they were taken on the same host, they use the same clock and should be naturally aligned. If they come from different hosts and you want very fine symchronization, you need some communication events from which to synchronize the traces. TCP packet send and receive events are typically used. If you want to look at two traces simultaneously, it normally implies that the two are related, the two nodes communicating through the network. 

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> Hi,

> Is there any way to merge the two CTF traces and see them in one with
> trace synchronization ?

> How it is related to trace synchronization using network events ?

> Thanks,
> Divya
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