[lttng-dev] bug #857 -- babeltrace may core dump if index file is too short (with patch)

craig harmer charmster at gmail.com
Sat Dec 13 22:08:19 EST 2014

hi all,

i opened a bug at bugs.lttng.org about a problem that i had where
babeltrace would exit, possibly with a core dump, if one the trace's index
files was too short.

you can read the bug, with patch, at Bug #857 babeltrace will exit (often
with a core dump) if an index file is too short

i submitted a patch for the problem also fixes a few other places that
short reads are not handled properly.

there hasn't been any activity on the bug since i submitted the patch about
1 month ago, so i'm wondering if i need to submit the patch to this list as


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