[lttng-dev] Bug in LTTng-UST

Simon Marchi simon.marchi at polymtl.ca
Sat Dec 13 00:29:55 EST 2014

On 12 December 2014 at 23:59, Philippe Proulx <eeppeliteloop at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 12, 2014 at 11:21 PM, Simon Marchi <simon.marchi at polymtl.ca> wrote:
>> Actually, I think the problem comes from UST not handling when a
>> program dlcloses a lib. There is a simpler way to show the problem.
>> Just have an app dlopen a .so that has a tracepoint and dlclose it.
>> When the app quits, UST will try to unregister the tracepoint and
>> read/write in the memory previously mapped to the library, causing a
>> segfault.
>> I have made a small example. You just need to click on "Download gist"
>> in [1] to download a tarball, and a then simple make should be enough.
>> Start a UST session with -u -a and run ./app. Segfault should ensue.
>> [1] https://gist.github.com/simark/9fc0e2395899fcd8d10d
> Don't you have to _preload_ the tracepoint provider in this context? Either
> by dlopen()ing the tracepoint provider shared object manually, or by using
> Try this instead <https://gist.github.com/eepp/d280a27f5e7d0a64abaa>.
> Look at the changes to Makefile, tracepoints.c and truc.c. Make, then
> launch the app while tracing is started:
>     ./app
> Nothing is recorded: the tracepoint provider shared object is not loaded.
> Now try preloading the tracepoint provider and launching the app:
>     LD_PRELOAD=./tracepoints.so ./app
> I get this:
>     lttng stop
>     lttng view
>     ...
>     [23:55:36.393480541] (+0.000074994) eeppdesk
> sample_tracepoint:message: { cpu_id = 0 }, { intfield = 4 }
> and no segfault.
> See: <http://lttng.org/docs/#doc-building-tracepoint-providers-and-user-application>,
> "Dynamic linking" section.
> Phil

Ok so as Philippe noticed, the man page is quite clear about this.

         - Note about dlclose() usage: it is not safe to use dlclose on a
           provider shared object that is being actively used for tracing due
           to a lack of reference counting from lttng-ust to the used shared

Given that game.so *is* the trace provider, we can't dlclose it. I
suppose the solution would be to put the tracepoints in a separate
library (game-tracepoints.so) and LD_PRELOAD that library whenever you
want to trace. I'll work on that.

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