[lttng-dev] babeltrace

Matthew Khouzam matthew.khouzam at ericsson.com
Thu Apr 17 10:51:56 EDT 2014

Hi Jessica,

<Shameless plug>How about opening it in TMF and right clicking export to
text in the events table?</plug>

I am just curious, why do you need to get out of CTF, if a log is ctf,
chances are it's
WAaaaaaaAAAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaayYYYYYyyyyYYYyyyYYYyyyYYYyy to
big for excel, or even calc.

On 14-04-16 04:31 PM, Jessica Foest wrote:
> Hi all
> i know that the default output format of babeltrace is text .
> what are the others output format supported by babeltrace ?
> in my case , i need to convert the CTF log file of lttng to a CSV file
> , did tou have any idea about how can i do it ?
> thanks
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