[lttng-dev] snapshot issue in lttng 2.3.0

Thuya Aung thuyaaung2002 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 24 16:42:44 EDT 2013

Hello lttng-dev,

With lttng 2.3.0 in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, I only get the tracepoints in kernel folder with snapshot mode. I do not see anything for userspace tracepoints. 
The following is the way I setup for lttng session

lttng create mySession --snapshot

lttng enable-channel kCh --buffers-global --subbuf-size=1048576 -k
lttng enable-event -a -k 

lttng enable-channel uCh --buffers-uid --subbuf-size=1048576 -u
lttng enable-event -a -u

sleep 1
lttng start mySession
sleep 60

lttng snapshot record

lttng stop mySession
lttng destroy mySession

I got the error message saying "Undefined command" with the following

lttng add-output -n myNewOutput file:///home/taung/output (<--- following the examples of man 1 lttng)

Did I do something wrong? What else I should be doing in order to use snapshot feature?

Thanks in advance,
Thuya Aung

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