[lttng-dev] [OE-core] [PATCH] Enable ptest support for lttng.

Stefan Seefeld stefan at seefeld.name
Thu Sep 12 14:22:13 EDT 2013

On 2013-09-12 14:12, Christian Babeux wrote:
> Hi Stefan,
>> +
>> +make -C tests installcheck
>> +
> A majority of the tests will probably fail this way. As of now, most
> tests assumes that they are being runned in the build tree and expect
> binaries to be at specific paths. We will have to fix this upstream if
> you want to integrate our testsuite with ptest.

That's right, in my tests only the "unit_tests" suite ran without
issues. The "fast_regressions" suite had many more failures than when
run as part of the 'check' target. (See my mail to the lttng list for more.)

Still, I think it's good to include these tests. If anything they may
just provide more motivation to address the underlying issue. :-)
>> ++prove --merge -v --exec '' - < $1 | sed \
>> ++  -e 's|^ok \(.*\)|PASS: \1|' \
>> ++  -e 's|^not ok \(.*\)|FAIL: \1|' \
>> ++  | egrep -h 'PASS|FAIL'
> This is sadly needed because we are using TAP as our standardized test
> output format across the multiples lttng codebases.

Do you think it would be worthwhile submitting this patch upstream ?
(The output format of prove is not the easiest to understand, and even
with the above some information may be lost. A more robust fix would
probably include a dedicated TAP formatter plugin
(http://perldoc.perl.org/TAP/Formatter/Console.html) that produces
ptest-compatible output.



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