[lttng-dev] Enabling and disabling events

Ikaheimonen, JP jp_ikaheimonen at mentor.com
Wed Sep 11 08:22:13 EDT 2013

Hi Daniel,

I can see your point about how the events are created. I do not completely agree with your views, but it is not essential that I do.

How about the following (this is based on the ideas you have brought forth):

We keep the enable-event command as it is. However, we enhance the event name specification syntax somewhat. We could of course do a full regex matching, but I fear that would get too slow.  Instead we'd have something like

$ lttng enable-event -u "*!mine*!alsomine"

This would enable any event ('*'), except those who match with mine* or alsomine.

The matching logic would separate the name specification into parts, using the ! character as a separator. If the new event name matches the first part but does not match any of the latter parts, then the event gets enabled.

I don't like collating the event enablers into unified specifications. I'd like to have each enable-event command create its own entries into the enabler list. I feel a bit uneasy if the event enabler code gets too sophisticated.

I'm still unsure how the disable-event command should work. I'm playing around with the idea that the event specification in the disable-event command should exactly match the event specification given in the enable-event command. It does not feel good, but any solution around it seems to bring about the ideas about disable-lists which I would like to avoid.

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