[lttng-dev] Request information on "Live" view of traces

Dror Granot dror at reduxio.com
Mon Sep 2 03:30:01 EDT 2013

We are using now lttng in our development and want to have it on our
product for customers.
The one thing that we are really missing on lttng is the fact that we
cannot "live" view traces. The fact that we cannot have "tail -f" like
option or "less" like capabilities might be the decision factor of moving
out from lttng use.
I would really appreciate if you can update me on the time frame of "live"
view of traces. If you know, what will it include and when it is supposed
to be, it can help us much in our decision. If there is any other option to
use in the mean time instead, it will be great to know as well..
Thanks in advance
Dror Granot
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