[lttng-dev] [RELEASE] LTTng Tools 2.2.2

Mathieu Desnoyers mathieu.desnoyers at efficios.com
Wed Jul 17 19:12:39 EDT 2013

The lttng-tools project provides a session daemon (lttng-sessiond)
that acts as a tracing registry, the "lttng" command line for tracing
control, a lttng-ctl library for tracing control and a lttng-relayd
for network streaming.

Since David Goulet is currently on vacation, I'm acting as backup
maintainer for lttng-tools.

2013-07-17 lttng-tools 2.2.2
        * Fix: set tracefile size test with PID buffers
        * Fix: Babelstats fail to parse output with no process name or pid
        * Fix: kernel data unit test
        * Fix: don't send error to sessiond on orderly shutdown
        * Fix: consumer: incorrect size zmalloc
        * Fix: RCU read side lock unbalanced
        * Fix deadlock: don't take channel lock in timer
        * Introduce channel timer lock
        * document lttng_ustconsumer_request_metadata locking constraints
        * document metadata_switch_timer() deadlock
        * document metadata_switch_timer() locking constraints
        * consumer: replace DBG2() instances by DBG()
        * ust consumer: data_pending check is endpoint active
        * Fix: kernel consumer: data_pending check if endpoint active
        * consumer: explicitly set endpoint status to active at init
        * document consumer_metadata_cache_flushed use of consumer_data.lock
        * consumer: introduce channel lock
        * Missing NULL pointer init in tap.c
        * Fix: Unchecked asprintf/vasprintf return values

Project website: http://lttng.org
Download link: http://lttng.org/download
(please refer to the README file for installation instructions)

Mathieu Desnoyers
EfficiOS Inc.

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