[lttng-dev] How much shared memory is used by LTTng (UST) ?

Amit Margalit AMITM at il.ibm.com
Thu Jul 11 10:42:33 EDT 2013

Thanks for all the answers. I've now increased out SHM area size and the 
problem disappeared.

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Date:   07/11/2013 05:35 PM
Subject:        Re: [lttng-dev] How much shared memory is used by LTTng 
(UST) ?

> > It still doesn't explain why I was able to add procname to the
> > context but adding also vpid and vtid failed when the number of cores 
was 24
> > rather than 12.
> No idea. These are unrelated.

Perhaps you were not tracing that much and not filling all buffers with 
the smaller events with less context? The kernel buffers are probably 
pre-allocated for real but other buffers in user-space may not.

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