[lttng-dev] [RELEASE] LTTng-Tools 2.4.0-rc2

David Goulet dgoulet at efficios.com
Tue Dec 10 14:33:12 EST 2013

Greetings everyone (including LTTng elves),

The lttng-tools project provides a session daemon (lttng-sessiond) that acts as
a tracing registry, the "lttng" command line for tracing control, a lttng-ctl
library for tracing control and a lttng-relayd for network streaming.

Here is the change log for the release candidate 2.

2013-12-10 lttng-tools 2.4.0-rc2
    * Fix: close connection on incompatible version check
    * Fix: fields alignements in live protocol
    * Tests: add regression test for Java JUL support
    * Fix: possible use after free
    * Fix: remove unused code in session daemon
    * Fix: string format with unsigned value
    * Fix: remove useless assert
    * Fix: bad logical check of error codes
    * Fix: resource leak in enable-event command
    * Fix: unchecked return value in ust app delete
    * Fix: dereference after null check in UST registry
    * Fix: Resource leak in ust registry
    * Fix: backported from urcu commit 92af1a30
    * Tests: fix racy tests and misleading output messages
    * Tests: fix bad argument parsing in test app
    * Fix: remove assert on fd in the read/write layer
    * Fix: missing lock/unlock when sending index
    * Fix: update back the metadata len sent on failure
    * Fix: don't fail on push metadata if no channel
    * Rename LTTng index in CTF index
    * Fix: set the enable all event command type
    * Fix: implicit conversion of enum types in sessiond
    * Fix: implicit conversion of enum types in consumer
    * Fix: comparison of unsigned enum expression >= 0
    * Fix: comparison of unsigned value agains < 0
    * Fix: create a fast and a long UST snapshot test
    * Tests: fix racy UST snapshot post mortem test
    * Tests: remove useless sleep when spawning sessiond
    * Add travis-ci configuration file
    * Add libuuid as dependency in README
    * Tests: add valid test cases to test_utils_expand_path
    * Tests: add symlink tests for test_utils_expand_path
    * Fix: utils_expand_path now works for paths that ends with '/.' or '/..'
    * Fix: comment indentation
    * Add missing copyright to utils.c
    * Fix: use non block waitpid to lookup child state

Please report ANY issues to bugs.lttng.org or through that mailing list.

Using it is testing it!

Project website: http://lttng.org/lttng2.0
Download link:
http://lttng.org/files/lttng-tools/lttng-tools-2.4.0-rc2.tar.bz2 (for
the PGP signature, same file with .asc appended)

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