[lttng-dev] No trace files are generated

Manikandan Govindaswamy magov at vestas.com
Thu Dec 5 03:23:02 EST 2013

Thanks and It work now and able to get the kernel tracers.

Is there already any support for building the application with lttng tracepoint from Windows?

Or will I able to build using Cygwin for windows to generate -llttng-ust library?


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On Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 9:34 AM, Thibault, Daniel
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>> Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2013 11:01:05 -0500
>> DEBUG1 [21408/21408]: Could not find any valid consumerd executable (in spawn_consumerd() at main.c:2119)
>> PERROR [21408/21408]: kernel start consumer exec: No such file or directory (in spawn_consumerd() at main.c:2224)
>> Error: Condition timed out. The consumer thread was never ready. Killing it
>> The session daemon can't find the consumer daemon executables. You will have to point the session daemon to them manually using the
>> --consumerd32-path or --consumerd64-path options (depending on your architecture).
>    The question then becomes why, when lttng-consumerd is missing, is the lttng behaviour so different between kernel and user-space?  See bug #702 (http://bugs.lttng.org/issues/702).

Right. Thanks for creating a bug report.


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