[lttng-dev] Using the additional Eclipse Kernel Trace Plugin Views (Control flow, Resources)

Andre Bette andreb at stud.fh-dortmund.de
Mon Apr 29 06:40:56 EDT 2013

Hi to everyone,
in my project I am tracing a embedded system with a non linux OS. Output 
format is CTF. I really like the two extra views in the Eclipse Kernel 
Trace Visualization (Control flow, Resources).

Is there a simple way to use this two views  with an non linux trace ?
Is there any documentation about the Linux kernel trace format( the 
extra info added into the CTF format) or how the
data(e.g. prozesses) is processed in the Eclipse Kernel Trace Plugin 
(The idea is to use a "fake" linux trace to use the two extra views. )?

Best Regards,

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