[lttng-dev] Java code for CTF trace writing?

Matthew Khouzam matthew.khouzam at ericsson.com
Tue Apr 23 14:39:18 EDT 2013

On 13-04-23 02:21 PM, Aaron Spear wrote:
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>> Hi all,
>> Just to mention, everything Philippe said was 100% true, we just right
>> now are too stretched to add the trace writer to eclipse. It will be
>> integrated fairly soon, I think.
>> Matt
> Hi Matthew,
> Sounds very good, do you have a ball park estimate when "fairly soon" is?  
I will probably start after the feature freeze in eclipse. June sounds
+- right.
> Also, who is planning to do the work?  I would be happy to assist if I can.  
Me probably. ;)
> As I at least implied, I am happy to collaborate on this.  Right now my prototype is writing out events to a text log file, which is vastly less than ideal.  In short order I am going to need to be able to do two things:
> 1) write CTF traces from Java code
Same objective here.
> 2) be able to append to this trace dynamically while it is being analyzed.  Ideally the view registers a listener with the model and perhaps also specifying some hysteresis (so it is notified on a block of events, not every event), and then when it is notified it can update (optionally subject to an "update policy" selected in the view, as is often done with debugging)
We don't support "Live" trace reading yet. I'm not saying it won't work,
but it has not been tested.

When would you be available to work on this feature, I would love to
sync up our efforts for this.
> cheers,
> Aaron

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