[lttng-dev] Processor support for user space tracer (ppc64)

Hari Prasad Kalavakunta Hari.Prasad at radisys.com
Tue Apr 16 10:46:04 EDT 2013

Hello lttng-dev,

Good morning and very short question.

Is user space tracer not supported yet for ppc64?

URL http://lttng.org/comparison-systemtap-and-dtrace   lists only x86 for User Space tracing. Could you please confirm the same.

processor support

Kernel tracer: x86-32, x86-64, SPARC, SPARC64, ppc, ppc64, sh, sh64, ia64, s390, MIPS 32/64, ARM, (arch-agnostic core)
Userspace tracer: x86-32, x86-64

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