[lttng-dev] Missing tracepoint entries when listing fields in LTTng Tools 2.1

Bernd Hufmann Bernd.Hufmann at ericsson.com
Fri Sep 14 08:24:10 EDT 2012


I executed command "lttng list -u -f" (in LTTng Tools 2.1 RC2) to list 
all the available UST tracers and their tracepoints/fields. I noticed 
that some tracepoints are not listed when they don't have any fields. I 
think this is not  correct because the "-f" option should just give more 
detailed information, but should not remove information.

To re-produce, use the hello.cxx test application delivered with LTTng UST.
"lttng list -u" shows:
PID: 6056 - Name: /home/bernd/git/lttng-ust/tests/hello.cxx/.libs/lt-hello
       ust_tests_hello:tptest_sighandler (loglevel: TRACE_DEBUG_LINE 
(13)) (type: tracepoint)
       ust_tests_hello:tptest (loglevel: TRACE_DEBUG_LINE (13)) (type: 

"lttng list -u -f shows:
PID: 6056 - Name: /home/bernd/git/lttng-ust/tests/hello.cxx/.libs/lt-hello
       ust_tests_hello:tptest (loglevel: TRACE_DEBUG_LINE (13)) (type: 
         field: doublefield (float)
         field: floatfield (float)
         field: stringfield (string)
         field: seqfield2 (string)
         field: seqfield1 (unknown)
         field: arrfield2 (string)
         field: arrfield1 (unknown)
         field: netintfieldhex (integer)
         field: netintfield (integer)
         field: longfield (integer)
         field: intfield2 (integer)
         field: intfield (integer)

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