[lttng-dev] Wrong procname for userspace trace of app with different thread names

David OShea David.OShea at quantum.com
Thu Oct 25 00:07:54 EDT 2012

Hi Mathieu,

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> > I expect that typical use-cases involve calling prctl right after the
> > thread starts, so it might just work (this would need to be
> documented
> > though).
> Please try with lttng-ust HEAD, which includes: [...]
> commit 009745db8ca05f7a3abbb37558b08eae0107f7e1

Thanks, I just applied that commit as a patch to the older version of lttng-ust I'm using and it works as desired!  I think the assumption that prctl() is called right after the thread starts is a reasonable one.

> > > > Incidentally, why do I have to do "enable-channel" to get the context
> > > > to actually appear?  If I don't do this, the "add-context" still says
> > > > that each of the four contexts was "added to all channels", but they
> > > > don't appear in 'lttng view'.
> > >
> > > Please provide the full list of commands you do to reproduce a "good"
> > > and "bad" behavior.

Thanks, I'll do a few tests and make a separate post about this.


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