[lttng-dev] are LTTng-2.0 packages available on Fedora 16 via yum?

McDermott, Andrew Andrew.McDermott at windriver.com
Wed Oct 17 13:28:12 EDT 2012


(resending, as I neglected to CC the list...)

On 10/17/2012 04:32 AM, McDermott, Andrew wrote:
I'm happily using LTTng-2.0 on Ubuntu-12.04 but I was wondering if
Fedora 16 is supported via a yum install.  I see quite a few references
to 17 but not necessarily 16.  Is this correct or am I simply not
searching hard enough.

You can see which packages are available anywhere in Fedora here:

They were just added to Fedora in July, and at that time Yannick only
requested to add f17, so that's why f16 doesn't have them.

Thanks; that helps clear things up.


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