[lttng-dev] Viewing userspace apps traces

Mathieu Desnoyers mathieu.desnoyers at efficios.com
Thu Oct 4 10:29:28 EDT 2012

* Oestman, Fredrik (Fredrik_Oestman at mentor.com) wrote:
> Alexandre Montplaisir wrote:
> > As for graphical views, like timegraphs, it's not easy to have a general
> > view that can work with any UST trace. Each application defines its own
> > event types, so we have no guarantee for any given event type to be there.
> Maybe this doesn't really help you, but our commercial tool can do just that.
> Cheers,
> Fredrik Östman
> http://go.mentor.com/sourceryanalyzer/

Hi Fredrik,

Hinting at this tool in this context (discussion of an open source
viewer implementation) on lttng-dev (an open source project mailing
list) can only mean that you seem to be willing to contribute views to
the open source project. That would be very welcome indeed. What are
Mentor's plans in contributing to the open source viewer efforts of the
LTTng project ?

Thank you,


Mathieu Desnoyers
Operating System Efficiency R&D Consultant
EfficiOS Inc.

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