[lttng-dev] Displaying graphical results

Alexandre Montplaisir alexandre.montplaisir at polymtl.ca
Mon May 28 15:03:18 EDT 2012

On 12-05-27 12:45 PM, tchak adim wrote:
> Hi all,
> i already install the lastest releases of lttng-module and lttng-ust , for
> displaying results of captured traces i use babletrace .
> i wanna display graphical results of these  traces .
> how can i do it ?
> Thanks .


At the moment, only the Eclipse viewer can show LTTng 2.0 traces. It's
not officially released yet, but you can use the following procedure to
get the latest code:

Support in LTTV (the other, more lightweight viewer) should be just
around the corner.


Alexandre Montplaisir
École Polytechnique de Montréal

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