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Francis Giraldeau francis.giraldeau at gmail.com
Mon May 21 05:24:44 EDT 2012

2012/5/21 Stanislav Vovk <stanislav.vovk at ericsson.com>

> **
> Hi
> I am using Linux kernel 3.2 on PowerPC and have a question about LTTng2
> kernel modules.
> As stated in the README CONFIG_TRACEPOINTS is required, in my kernel
> config it does not exist. Do I need to patch my kernel to build LTTng
> modules and make it work? Or how to proceed ... It seems like I cant get
> modules to build at the moment.

The CONFIG_TRACEPOINTS option can be set when compiling the kernel. If your
kernel is not compiled with this option, then it must be recompiled.

With make menuconfig, enable the option by selecting this item:

Kernel hacking ---> Tracers

Then, after compilation and installation of the new kernel and a reboot,
lttng-modules should build.

If you want to specify the source directory of the kernel for
lttng-modules, use the env var like this:

KERNELDIR=../dir-to-linux make modules

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