[lttng-dev] Is it possible profiling android ice-cream ( > kernel 3.0) with LTTng 2.0 ?

Fred Wulff frew at cs.stanford.edu
Wed May 9 12:43:58 EDT 2012

On Wed, May 9, 2012 at 6:55 AM, GJ Chang <gijae.chang at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello im GJ and new of LTTng
> and Im trying to profiling kernel in android with LTTng 2.0.
> so i build up LTTng modules and got belows
>  lttng-ring-buffer-client-discard.ko
>  lttng-ring-buffer-client-mmap-discard.ko
>  lttng-ring-buffer-client-mmap-overwrite.ko
>  lttng/lttng-ring-buffer-client-overwrite.ko
>  lttng/lttng-ring-buffer-metadata-client.ko
>  lttng/lttng-ring-buffer-metadata-mmap-client.ko
>  lttng/lttng-statedump.ko
>  lttng/lttng-tracer.ko
> and i tried to insert modules to android kernel (actually im using galaxy
> nexus)
> but i only can insert  "lttng/lttng-statedump.ko" not others

I don't know about Android specifically, but I'm guessing your problem is
that you're not inserting the kernel modules built in subdirectories. The
canonical way to do that is using depmod (see the README for instructions),
but if that doesn't work on Android, an ordering that works for installing
all of the modules is:

insmod probes/lttng-types.ko
insmod probes/lttng-kretprobes.ko
insmod probes/lttng-kprobes.ko
insmod probes/lttng-ftrace.ko
insmod lib/lttng-lib-ring-buffer.ko
insmod lttng-statedump.ko
insmod lttng-tracer.ko
insmod probes/lttng-probe-timer.ko
insmod probes/lttng-probe-statedump.ko
insmod probes/lttng-probe-signal.ko
insmod probes/lttng-probe-sched.ko
insmod probes/lttng-probe-lttng.ko
insmod probes/lttng-probe-kvm.ko
insmod probes/lttng-probe-irq.ko
insmod probes/lttng-probe-block.ko
insmod lttng-ring-buffer-metadata-mmap-client.ko
insmod lttng-ring-buffer-metadata-client.ko
insmod lttng-ring-buffer-client-overwrite.ko
insmod lttng-ring-buffer-client-mmap-overwrite.ko
insmod lttng-ring-buffer-client-mmap-discard.ko
insmod lttng-ring-buffer-client-discard.ko
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