[lttng-dev] [RFC] Bug tracker: "LTTng Website" section

Mathieu Desnoyers mathieu.desnoyers at efficios.com
Tue Feb 21 14:48:55 EST 2012


Bringing your attention to the brand new bug tracker
(https://bugs.lttng.org), which the LTTng developers started using very
thoroughly since it came online 2 weeks ago, I would like to get your
opinion on the creation of a publicly available "LTTng Website" project
within the bug tracker, so the website users can report websites issues
such as bugs, erroneous links, website feature requests, as well as
website usability issues.

The main question is: if we create this section, would users of the
project use this feature, or is it something only the key LTTng
contributors would use ? (in which case a private project would be just



Mathieu Desnoyers
Operating System Efficiency R&D Consultant
EfficiOS Inc.

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