Thibault, Daniel Daniel.Thibault at drdc-rddc.gc.ca
Fri Feb 10 10:03:03 EST 2012

   I would like to suggest adding to lttng.h an lttng_domain_type enum value of LTTNG_DOMAIN_UNSPECIFIED = 0.

enum lttng_domain_type {
+	LTTNG_DOMAIN_UNSPECIFIED              = 0,
	LTTNG_DOMAIN_KERNEL                   = 1,

   This would simplify handling of domain option switches (-k/--kernel, -u/--userspace) in the various commands (add_context, calibrate, etc.).  Instead of a chain of if-else-if checking the command-line options (currently opt_kernel, opt_userspace) one at a time, we could have the command-line interpreter set an opt_domain variable (initially LTTNG_DOMAIN_UNSPECIFIED) as each domain switch is encountered (allowing for easily recognising a multiple-context situation as a (opt_domain != LTTNG_DOMAIN_UNSPECIFIED) test), and later processing could use a switch instead of the aforementioned if-then-else-if chain.  It would make adding the currently planned additional domains easier.

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