[ltt-dev] UST communication library

Yannick Brosseau yannick.brosseau at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 11:21:54 EDT 2011

> Enlighten me Yannick :)
> # apt-get install lttng-tools
> How are you going to have the UST support without installing the UST
> package
> (assuming that libustcomm is inside ust) ?
> I figure you'll have a "Not found libust.so..." at execution time ?

Exactly, for the *runtime* dependency, that would be a *recommand* and
we detect if libusb is present or not. But  that's really up to the
packager to decide how he does it. Each distro might have their own

As the upstream developer, you should let the user decide if he want UST
support or not. I might be building an embedded system were space is a
constraint and I would want to only  have the kernel tracer and not
bother with he userspace one.

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