[ltt-dev] UST communication library

Nils Carlson nils.carlson at ericsson.com
Wed Jun 15 04:09:44 EDT 2011


On 06/15/2011 07:23 AM, Alexandre Montplaisir wrote:
> Hi David,
> Sorry if I missed it, but what is the ultimate goal with lttng-tools? Is
> it to
> A) Become the unified trace controller for LTTng (kernel) and UST
> (userspace) tracers.
> or
> B) Become a generic trace controller which people could "plug" their
> tracers into, and which would come with initial support for LTTng and UST.
> If it's A) and only A), I'd say yank the separate "libust" and merge it
> into lttng-tools' tree. This is what happened with "lttctl", which is
> now statically built in lttng-tools, right?
> However modularity is never bad, perhaps going with an architecture like
> B) is better long-term.
> I'm not sure I get this one. Is there a point for an application to use
> libustcomm standalone, without the rest of libust? If not then they
> should be kept together, no?
> And I'd add 6), as mentioned before:
> 6) Drop the separate ust/libust package and merge it with lttng-tools.
I agree with this. If we want UST to be hardwired into LTTng we should 
just merge UST into the LTTng repo completely.

I personally am not for this, I think it's a case of short-term 
expediency winning over technical merit. I think a modular architecture 
would be far nicer.


> In my humble semi-outsider opinion, if you want goal A) I'd say go with
> 6), if you want goal B) go with 1b)
> Cheers,

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