[ltt-dev] Problem using UST 0.13

Irina Guilman irina.guilman at ericsson.com
Wed Jun 8 12:31:23 EDT 2011

 My guess is trace_mark() has been replaced by ust_marker() and made deprecated. Look in the examples (tests dir) on how the sample apps (hello/basic/fork and etc.) are instrumented. 

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I've just installed UST 0.13 on my laptop (Ubuntu) and I trying to use it. I took the example (see [1]) from the UST user manual. When I compile and link (see [2])  then I get some error print-outs (see [3]).
I don't know what is missing. Could someone please help me so that I can use UST 0.13? By the way, with UST 0.12 it works fine.

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[1] Example program in file ustexample.c #include <ust/marker.h>

int main(int argc, char **argv)
   int v;
   char *st;

   /* ... set values of v and st ... */

   /* a marker: */
   trace_mark(ust, myevent, "firstarg %d secondarg %s", v, st);

   /* a marker without arguments: */
   trace_mark(ust, myotherevent, MARK_NOARGS);

   return 0;

[2] Compilation
gcc  -o ustexample -lust ustexample.c

[3] Error
//usr/local/lib/libust-initializer.o: In function `__ust_marker__destroy':
/home/eedbhu/git/ust/libust-initializer.c:14: undefined reference to `ust_marker_unregister_lib'
//usr/local/lib/libust-initializer.o: In function `__ust_marker__init':
/home/eedbhu/git/ust/libust-initializer.c:14: undefined reference to `ust_marker_register_lib'
/tmp/ccCco0tC.o:(__ust_markers+0x14): undefined reference to `ust_marker_probe_cb'
/tmp/ccCco0tC.o:(__ust_markers+0x18): undefined reference to `__ust_marker_empty_function'
/tmp/ccCco0tC.o:(__ust_markers+0x54): undefined reference to `ust_marker_probe_cb'
/tmp/ccCco0tC.o:(__ust_markers+0x58): undefined reference to `__ust_marker_empty_function'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

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