[ltt-dev] [RFC UST and LTTng] Daemon model proposal

Nils Carlson nils.carlson at ludd.ltu.se
Fri Jan 28 17:36:50 EST 2011

Hi David, just one little question below...

On Jan 28, 2011, at 9:20 PM, David Goulet wrote:

> On 11-01-20 09:36 AM, Michel Dagenais wrote:
>>     Buffers creation - creates shared memory for the tracing buffers.
>> -->  Why is buffer creation the responsability of the sessiond?  
>> Ressource accounting, preventing abuses, is easier if the traced  
>> application via libust does the buffer creation!
> The main reason was because the application cannot set the shared  
> memory with the read access to the tracing group. (unless the apps  
> uid is in the tracing group).

I'm not quite with you here... Shouldn't all apps that we want to  
trace have to be in the tracing group? Or is this unreasonable...

I think having a policy where all users who need to trace are members  
of the tracing group as are all applications that can be traced makes  
a lot of sense....


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