[ltt-dev] Cross Compile the Ltt-controls for arm

Robert Berger gmane at reliableembeddedsystems.com
Fri Jan 28 02:52:06 EST 2011


On 01/25/2011 06:04 PM, sindu sindhu wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I am stuck in one place, i am may be some steps away from tracing.....
>  I need your help...
> can anyone please help me to cross compile ltt-control for embedded
> system, I am having toolchain "4.2.2-eabi" installed at host location:
> /usr/arm/4.2.2-eabi.. i want to Cross compile it for ARMv7 Cortex-a8 target.

I don't know if this is exactly what you want, but you might want to
have a look here:


> thanks
> R.A Memon


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