[ltt-dev] Doxygen documentation

Dmitriy A. Cherepanov irptos at gmail.com
Mon Jan 24 16:50:32 EST 2011


userspace RCU is a nice lib)

I want to use it in building my own OS for embedded microcontrollers.

So may be one day I could add some more compillers and MCU cores (AVR or 
MSP430). But now I am trying to understand how it is made? and use it for 
Windows and ARM.

I have some experience in using doxygen system http://www.doxygen.com. It 
allow to compile C comments and some other files to HTML API Documentation
I looks quite nice. I am shure that moust of guru people has no need to use 
doxygen system but such documantation can helps newbies to understand Library 
internals and library API.

So I have a plan to document uRCU library with two stages:

1. Stage ONE -- make configuration scripts  and collect project documentation 
from non *.c and *.h files (for ex. README, licesce and so on) 

!!!This stage is done!!!
You can see results here:

for windows -- one chm file 


for others and WWW -- html pages in tar bz2 file 


2. Stage TWO -- document functions and macro definitions in *.c and *.h 
files -- this stage need to do some changes in sources comments but it will 
not touch source 

So I have two questions:

1. Will be this work accepted by project team?

2. If yes how it can be done? So I have a good experience in using SVN but not 
GIT. However Tortoise GIT is already instaled on my laptop and has the same 
interface as TortoiseSVN, so I can try to commit changes but I suppose I must 
have login or password or something else?

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