[ltt-dev] Event tracing in multinode system

Benjamin Poirier benjamin.poirier at polymtl.ca
Thu Jan 6 19:43:57 EST 2011

On 05/01/11 07:51 AM, Sebastian Wenta wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> It`s my first email on that mailing list, so as an quick introduction
> I`d say that I`m a student from Warsaw University of Technology
> interested in wireless sensor networks, intelligent building etc.
> I`m in the middle of a project, in which turned out that I will need a
> tool for tracing and visualisation of event generated by
> multiplenodes. I was looking for something similar to TATL (
> http://www.mc.com/microsites/cell/ProductDetails.aspx?id=2840 ) which
> fullfilles all my needs but I`m blocked to use it. As a completly new
> fan of LTTng I`d like to ask You if there is any sense of looking for
> such a event viewer in LLTng ?

LTTng and LTTV are certainly right tools for tracing and visualisation 
(respectively). lttng can record traces on multiprocessor machines. I'll 
add that lttv has the possibility to synchronize traces recorded on 
multiple nodes.



> best regards,
> Sebastian
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