[ltt-dev] Event tracing in multinode system

Sebastian Wenta sebastian.wenta at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 07:51:41 EST 2011

Hi everyone,

It`s my first email on that mailing list, so as an quick introduction
I`d say that I`m a student from Warsaw University of Technology
interested in wireless sensor networks, intelligent building etc.

I`m in the middle of a project, in which turned out that I will need a
tool for tracing and visualisation of event generated by
multiplenodes. I was looking for something similar to TATL (
http://www.mc.com/microsites/cell/ProductDetails.aspx?id=2840 ) which
fullfilles all my needs but I`m blocked to use it. As a completly new
fan of LTTng I`d like to ask You if there is any sense of looking for
such a event viewer in LLTng ?

best regards,

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