[ltt-dev] how do I see symbol name for the function address in trace data

Ming Lei mlei at Brocade.COM
Fri Feb 4 17:35:50 EST 2011


I collected data thru lttng and used lttv text mode, here is one example that I cannot see the symbol name for the function even I enabled KALLSYMS in kernel config file. I would like to see the function name in place of 0x401aa028, there is also needs to show the function name within kernel modules.

kernel.timer_set: 197.364192652 (/usr/local/src/linux-ws/lttdata/tmp.mm/trace1/kernel_0), 0, 0, swapper, , 0, 0x0, SOFTIRQ { expires = 4293900685, function = 0x401aa028, data = 0 }

Second question is:
How do I disable a channel? I used ltt-armall and it enabled all the traces. I want to disable a channel, can I do it?


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