[ltt-dev] Select limited files from LTTng Trace folder

Matthew Khouzam matthew.khouzam at ericsson.com
Wed Feb 2 16:34:33 EST 2011

Hey Radhika,

I thinnk you are trying to select files instead of a folder. The folder 
contains normally some files like "Metadata_0, Kernel_0, Net_0... "
Metadata constanis descriptions for each event and the other files are 
basically trace files that will be used together to form the trace.

Philippe Proulx wrote a really great description here.


It's a good read, even if it's a bit outdated, the principles are still 
the same.

On 11-02-02 12:41 AM, Radhika Chowdary wrote:
> Hi
> We develop eclipse plugins for importing different format of files and 
> we are currently working on LTTng files. We use LTTV C library as 
> parser and use use linuxtools tmf plugins as well. It looks like if we 
> try to select only few files from the trace folder you get errors and 
> import fails. Can somebody explain how these LTTng files are related 
> to each other.
> Thanks
> Radhika
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