[ltt-dev] no metadata tracefile

Ji Zhai Ji.Zhai at ca.flextronics.com
Wed Aug 31 16:47:22 EDT 2011

Hi All,


As the restriction of the hardware and development environment, I am
trying to use UST as the following combination:

1. PowerPC 44x platform

2. Linux kernel

3. LTTng v0.170

4. userspace RCU 0.4.6

5. UST 0.6

6. LTTV 0.12.20


I can get the kernel traces and use LTTV 0.12.20 to review them.

However, when I use the sample code from the "Section 3 Quick Start" of
UST manual,

#include <ust/marker.h>
     int main(int argc <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_function> ,
char **argv)
        int v;
        char *st;
        /* ... set values of v and st ... */
        /* a marker: */
        trace_mark(ust, myevent, "firstarg %d secondarg %s", v, st);
        /* a marker without arguments: */
        trace_mark(ust, myotherevent, MARK_NOARGS);
        return 0;


I got the errors by using LTTV 0.12.20:


** (process:18957): WARNING **: Unsupported trace version : 2.6


** (process:18957): WARNING **: parse_trace_header error


** (process:18957): WARNING **: Unsupported trace version : 2.6


** (process:18957): WARNING **: parse_trace_header error


** (process:18957): WARNING **: Trace
/nas/LTTng/mytrace/24407_5647013710766707006 has no metadata tracefile


** (process:18957): CRITICAL **: cannot open trace .

/usr/local/bin/lttv: line 15: 18957 Segmentation fault      $0.real $*


>From the mailing list, some guys said to use LTTV 0.12.30 or higher may
solve this problem.


After run LTTV 0.12.32, I got:


** ERROR **: Undescribed event 0 in channel ust


/home/LTTng/bin/lttv: line 15: 19600 Aborted                 $0.real $*


So, I doubt that I may miss some key steps to configure the kernel for
powerpc. The "UST" does not create the trace for me.

I'd like to get your suggestions. Thanks in advance!





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