[ltt-dev] usttrace: directory of output trace

Irina Guilman irina.guilman at ericsson.com
Tue Aug 23 10:01:50 EDT 2011

And it's not there under some hidden directory, i.e  /home/root/.usttrace?

Can you run the examples under tests? (there are hello, hello2, basic, fork examples there)

Another option is to run it manually, try with a verbose option.

Start the daemon

ust-consumerd -d

then start your process, then see the markers with ustctl, enable them with ustctl, start tracing though ustctl command

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I have a simple program that creates 2 threads.

Each thread calls to: ust_marker (myotherevent,MARK_NOARGS) every 1 second.

The thread also prints a message (using printf) every 1 second.

The main thread loops forever doing only "sleep (1)".

I ran the program using: usttrace MyProg.out -o /home/root &

After a few seconds I checked the folder /home/root. It does not contain a trace file.

Can you help ?



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