[ltt-dev] LTTng 2.0, error in packet timestamp boundaries

Simon Marchi simon.marchi at polymtl.ca
Tue Aug 2 15:09:31 EDT 2011

Hello there,

I gathered this trace (CTF format) using the git head of lttng tools
and modules as of today:


When I inspect the first two event packets of the file channel0_0 by
hand, I find :

Packet 1 begin timestamp, found at offset 0x18:   0x0001750964CA677E
Packet 1 end timestamp,   found at offset 0x20:   0x0001750A2E080C19

Packet 2 begin timestamp, found at offset 0x1018: 0x0001750A2E0808D1
Packet 2 end timestamp,   found at offset 0x1020: 0x0001750A2E7508F5

It appears that the packet 2 begin timestamp is before the packet 1
end timestamp. I have been told that this should not occur, that the
timestamp ranges of consecutive packets should not overlap.

Is this an error in the tracer or is this a normal behaviour ?



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