[ltt-dev] [RFC] UST instrumentation API

David Goulet david.goulet at polymtl.ca
Thu Apr 14 10:53:23 EDT 2011


I like the idea of making thing more simpler and more "namespace 
oriented" for ust.

On 11-04-13 04:59 PM, Mathieu Desnoyers wrote:
> OK, so I took care of most of the instrumentation API, but some
> questions need discussion.
> ->  given that the API presented to users will be "TRACE_EVENT()" (which
> we should rename to something else to eliminate confusion), it might
> make sense to make both of DECLARE_TRACE and DEFINE_TRACE internal to
> tracepoints and don't expose them to the users.

If I understand correctly what we want for ust, marker are staying, 
tracepoint are getting replaced by trace event? So, considering this 
fact, those two macros (declare_ and define_) should simply be not 
supported anymore and eventually get rid of them?

> TRACE_EVENT() could be the macro replacing these, but I would recommend
> using a name like "TRACEPOINT_TEMPLATE()", which is what it really is.

A good concern raised by Steven R. is the fact that "TRACE_EVENT" can 
and will confuse people with the ones in the kernel (in terms of google 
search mostly!). So, a name like "TRACEPOINT_TEMPLATE" says to me 
(normal person, no tracing knowledge, maybe my grand mother!) : this is 
tracepoint related, nothing to do with trace event and I don't want to 
modify a template right... (totally confused :P).

So, should it be more "TRACE EVENT" user-space oriented for the name?

UTRACE_EVENT --> confusing with utrace
UPROBE... --> again, confusing with uprobe...
UST_TRACE_EVENT --> ust stands for user-space tracing (and not LTTng 
user-space tracer :P)

... maybe we need more brainstorm... I'm out of ideas...

> UST Markers (main API members):
> #include<ust/marker.h>
> ust_marker(name, "fmt", ...)
> DEFINE_UST_MARKER(name, ...)
> ust_marker_probe_unregister()
> ust_marker_probe_register()
> ust_marker_synchronize_unregister()
> Will be eventually phased-out with the new TRACEPOINT_TEMPLATE() and CTF:
> ust_marker_tp()

No problem. Simpler is better and this API will be UST specific so rtfm 
at that point :).


> Feedback is welcome,
> Thanks,
> Mathieu

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LTTng project, DORSAL Lab.

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